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Forged in Fire – Season 6 Episode 21 Full HD Video Watch Online,

A gauntlet of chopping and hacking tests has competitors run an obstacle course that tests the strength and sharpness of their blades. Strength and technique is also a factor, as each ..

With a small variety of metal objects to choose their metal from, four new competitors attempt to forge a knife in their own style. In five days, the final pair must create in their own forge a Moro Kris sword, a blade with roots dating back to 300BC, in the season finale of this suspenseful and fiery History Channel series.

Forged in Fire gives us an overall interesting insight into the ancient craft of blacksmithing. I would rate this 10 out of 10 on the educational scale and 5 out of 10 in the quality department. The reason quality’s lacking is due to the judging process. I noticed too many variables when testing blades that lead to pore judgment calls. It would be great to see blades coming out of this show that demonstrate an equality between design and function. This could be achieved in the judging process by scoring 50% function and 50% design. They need to allow more then 3-4 hours and more breaks so the guy’s aren’t on the edge of passing out! I really enjoy watching this show and hope they keep coming out with programs in this genre.

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